Upcoming Webinar: Is last mile sustainability achievable? Ft. Steven Moelk of IKEA

Many companies are striving to achieve a more sustainable last mile, but is it possible? Navigating the current model logistics to overcome the challenges brought by 3rd party carriers, independent contractors, and “business as usual” seems daunting.

IKEA has decided to dive head first into sustainability, pledging to be emissions free by 2025. How are they conquering logistics-norms to achieve this? Listen in as we sit down with Steven Moelk, Zero Emissions Delivery Project Manager for IKEA.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • How IKEA broached their sustainability initiative and established a timeline
  • Brought together their delivery network to get on board with EV’s
  • Overcame the challenges of working with independent contractor carriers and drivers while mandating truck standards
  • Where they see sustainability going in the future